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Friends of Quantock

Registered Charity No. 242 398

Friends of Quantock was formed in 1949 to protect threatened deciduous woodland and to oppose conifer afforestation. Since then, the Quantocks have been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Site of Special Scientific Interest--proof of their high value as landscape and as a habitat for wild fauna and flora.

Friends of Quantock is a registered charity, run by a voluntary committee elected annually, and aiming to provide a voice for all those people concerned with the beauty and welfare of the Quantock Hills.


  1. To protect the landscape and natural beauty of the Quantocks;

  2. To co-operate with other bodies having similar objects or interests.

In particular, we aim to:

  • Preserve the Quantock landscape, the open heathland, deciduous woodland, wildlife, antiquities and the rights and privileges of the public and commoners.

  • Oppose inappropriate buildings, unauthorised vehicles, excessive noise, litter dumping, poaching and everything detrimental to peaceful natural beauty.

  • Promote understanding, appreciation and responsible use of the Quantock environment.


Friends of Quantock take part in reaching constructive decisions and policies for the welfare of the Quantock Hills by liaison with the Quantock Joint Advisory Committee, Somerset County Council, the District Councils, the Quantock Warden Service, the Forestry Commission, the Somerset Wildlife Trust, English Nature and many other authorities and interested voluntary groups.

We monitor planning applications, quarrying, footpath and bridleway use, and any changes and developments which affect the Quantock environment.

In practical terms, we have provided fire-beaters, trees, tools, radio equipment for the warden service, bird nest-boxes, slides, photographs, information and publications; we have carried out a major restoration of the Terhill statue of Jupiter at Cothelstone Park.

We commission reports on endangered species and habitats, organise events, lectures, meetings, a regular twice-yearly Newsletter and information on matters concerning the Quantocks.


To join please contact the Membership Secretary.

Honorary Membership Secretary:
Mary Ter Braak
Tel:- 01984 656633

Ten-year membership £25 for first member in the household (over-60's £15). Other members at the same address£5

Annual subscription £5 (over-60's and students £3)

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